Frequently Asked Questions

Can I book sessions at locations other than your studio?

While fantasy portrait sessions are currently offered at my Ocean Park, Washington location, I do occasionally offer sessions in my Burbank, Washington studio when I'm visiting. Feel free to inquire about upcoming availability in Burbank.

What is the deadline to cancel or reschedule my session?

To ensure enough time to fill the appointment slot, I require at least 2 days' notice to cancel or reschedule your session without a penalty.

Can I book back-to-back or multiple sessions?

Absolutely! Back-to-back sessions are possible if time allows. If you have multiple children or require extended shooting time, booking additional sessions might be necessary.

What should my child wear to the photoshoot?

To ensure your child's outfit complements the chosen fantasy theme, we recommend avoiding busy patterns and opting for colors that match the theme (e.g., soft colors for fairies, earthy tones for woodland creatures). Feel free to discuss specific outfit ideas beforehand! We're happy to help!

What will happen during the pre-shoot consultation?

We'll discuss your child's desired fantasy character, wardrobe ideas, any props they might bring, and answer any questions you have about the photoshoot process. I offer an online questionnaire to gather this information beforehand, and then we can discuss it further via phone call, video chat, or in-person meeting (depending on your preference).

Can I send you photos of my child's outfit for your approval beforehand?

Absolutely! Sending photos of your child's potential outfit beforehand is a great way to ensure it perfectly aligns with the fantasy theme we'll be creating together.

Are there any props you provide in the studio?

Yes, I have a variety of small, hand-held props available in the studio to enhance the fantasy theme. Feel free to inquire about specific props during our pre-consultation.

What are the size limitations for props I bring?

To ensure a smooth photoshoot experience and avoid any limitations in the studio space, props brought from home should be relatively small and hand-held. If you have any questions about prop size suitability, feel free to discuss them with me beforehand.

Can I discuss using a specific prop with you before the session?

Encouraging creativity is part of the fun! I'd love to hear your suggestions for props. If it's something that would be a great addition to my studio's prop collection, I might even add it for future sessions! Discussing any props you plan to bring beforehand allows me to prepare for their use in the photoshoot and ensure they complement the chosen theme.

What is your studio environment like?

My studio is a converted garage space equipped with professional lighting and backdrops. While it's not a traditional studio setup, I use creative digital editing to achieve high-quality fantasy portraits.

How will you keep my child engaged during the photoshoot?

I understand the importance of capturing genuine expressions and excitement in children. I use storytelling prompts, playful ideas, and gentle encouragement to keep their imaginations active throughout the session.

How does your digital editing process work?

I use creative digital editing to add a variety of fantastical backdrops to your child's images, allowing them to step into their dream world! This eliminates the need for physical props and backdrops in the studio space.

Do you show parents the images before they are edited?

No, I don't show unedited images. The proof gallery will contain the fully edited photos with watermarks.

How long will it take to receive the final images?

My contract allows for up to 21 days for editing, but I usually deliver them much faster, often within a week. You'll also receive a sneak peek within 48 hours to keep the anticipation building!

How long will I be able to access my photos?
  • Proof Gallery: Your initial gallery with the fully edited images will be watermarked to protect them. This gallery will be active for 2 weeks.

  • Final Gallery: The final gallery containing only the images you purchased will be active for 1 year. You can download and share the photos from this gallery during that time.

Can I see the photos without the watermark?

If you'd prefer to see unwatermarked images before making your selection, you can schedule a viewing appointment in person.

Will my photos be kept private?

You have control over the privacy settings for both your proof gallery and final gallery:

  • Full Privacy: The gallery won't be shown on the public gallery homepage and will be password-protected, ensuring only those you give the password can access it.

  • Private: The gallery will be listed on the homepage with a cover image I choose (to showcase your child's portrait), but it will still require a password for access.

  • Open (Proof Gallery Only): This option allows anyone to view your proof gallery without a password. This might be useful for sharing with close family and friends to get their input on image selection, but be sure you're comfortable with anyone potentially seeing the watermarked images.

How can I book a session?

Since I prefer a more personal touch, I don't currently offer online scheduling. You can reach out to me through:

Can I download all the purchased images at once, or do I have to download them individually?

We offer two download options for your convenience:

  • Downloading to a computer: All your purchased images can be downloaded as a single zip file for easy storage and organization on your computer.

  • Downloading to your phone: If downloading directly to your phone, images must be downloaded individually from your Pixieset Gallery.

What format will the final images be delivered in?

Your final images will be delivered in high-resolution JPG/JPEG format, suitable for printing up to a generous 16x20 size. While optimized for larger prints, they can still be used for smaller formats.

Is there any photos you didn't put in the gallery I can purchase?

I understand you might want to see all the captured images. While I curate the gallery to include high-quality photos that meet my editing standards for fantasy portraits, there might be some additional photos that don't fit the theme perfectly but still capture a special moment. These will be edited with a standard portrait backdrop and offered for purchase at a separate, non-fantasy image price.

Do you offer printing services?

Not currently, but I may offer printing services in the future.

What is your refund policy?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the digital product, refunds are not offered on purchased photos. I will confirm your final image selection before creating the final gallery, ensuring you're happy with your choices.

Do I own my photos?

You will receive a print release with your purchased images, allowing you to print them for personal use. However, I retain the copyright of the final edited images.

Copyright Purchase Option: If you'd like the full copyright ownership of your images, allowing you to use them for commercial purposes (advertising, merchandise, etc.), contests, or publications, we can discuss a copyright purchase agreement.

What kind of photo sessions do you offer?

While I specialize in creative fantasy portrait sessions, I also offer sessions for couples, seniors, maternity, and occasionally families. Feel free to inquire about availability for these session types.

Who can I bring with me to the session?

For safety reasons, a parent or guardian must accompany all minor children during the session. Due to limited studio space, I kindly ask that you limit accompanying adults to two.

When will I be able to view my photos?

You'll receive a sneak peek of your photos within 48 hours of your session to keep you excited! The link to your full proof gallery with all the watermarked edited images will be emailed to you within 21 days.

Can I request the RAW files?

As is standard practice in the photography industry, I don't provide RAW or unedited image files. These files require further processing to create the final product you receive.